Kivo Cycle


Similar idea as the side-by-sides,

but this time it's the rear cyclist

that's (usually) in control of

steering and braking.

The Kivo is a child-parent tandem bike with a grown-up sitting behind and a child sitting in front.
The child can get a good view of the environment. The rider sitting behind can always keep a good watch on the child. Friends can cycle knowing their companion is not only enjoying the view (instead of looking at their back), but allows discreet supervision from behind.

Tandem Bike

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The Kivo has a low step through and therefore, is easier to use. Normally the Kivo has 8 gears and a free wheel switch.


You can use the switch-able free wheel  to determine whether and how the passenger pedals.  The Kivo also has a variant with two wheels behind.  An optional electric engine is possible to install on all the variants, which gives a comfortable pedal support, this makes cycling on this tandem even easier.


UK Specification: (Standard 8 speed, rear cyclist steering/braking, disengagement system, in fire red/silver)




Frame size: B 52 cm / F 34 cm


Inside leg: B 77-99 / F 55-75cm



Step up height: 26.5 cm


Bicycle weight: +/- 27 KG


Max. length: 242 cm


Max. width: 66 cm


Wheel size front:  20"


Wheel size back: 26"


Brakes: Cantilever Roller brake


Colour: Fire red/silver, Apple


Price 2 Wheel from £4030.00

Price 3 Wheel from £5220.00
Price Includes Rear Steering & Disengagement System

Includes Smart Guard Tyres as standard offering increased puncture prevention

Additional HT Silent Power Assistance with reverse pedalling action from £2395


For youngsters and adults

Front cyclist starting age is approx 5 years (depending on leg length)


Prices include shipping, personal delivery, set-up and instruction.

V.A.T is excluded as exemptions could apply.

For more information or to make an order, please don't hesitate to contact us

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