Twinbike Cycle



Side by side bike

A variation of the Twin bike split, but this one comes with a disengagement system. The cyclist in control can flick a switch that allows their companion to either cycle with fixed gear, or free wheel, or, in the case of safety, go into neutral - very useful at road junctions etc.

Controls for steering and braking are for 'right hand cyclist' meaning much greater

security - no veering away or braking by their special needs companion if they can't cope,

are unaware of dangers or can't see obstacles


Key feature rigid frame variation of the Twinbike Split Cycle offering a wider width on the front wheels adding more stability.



• Wheels: 20″ aluminium rims.

• Handlebars adjustable in height and length.

• Left bike: 7 gears Shimano, 2 handbrakes.

• Parking brake.

• Right bike: 7 gears Shimano with freewheel.

• Colour: metallic red.

• Length: 155 cm.

• Wheel width: 100 cm.

• Handlebar Width: 115 cm.

• Weight: ± 40 kg.

• Instep height: 40 cm.

• Saddle height from pedal axis: 55 tot 80 cm.

• Adjustable for leg length from 65 to 90 cm (senior).


UK Specification: (Standard 8 speed in Red, Blue or Black)

Price from £4065.00

Optional extras include: Trunk support, footplates (Self-levelling if wanted), crank shortners.

Prices include shipping, personal delivery, set-up and instruction.

V.A.T is excluded as exemptions could apply.

For more information or to make an order, please don't hesitate to contact us

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