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Visiting The Netherlands

Every 4 weeks we visit Van Raam Bikes in the Netherlands to collect their specialised disabled bikes and trike’s. We at Ashfield Special Needs are their official UK importers.


This trip needed 2 Vans via Ferry as we have been having a large influx of orders recently. Our South East and London rep Nick Parrington came along to help. Upon visiting the factory, we were greeted in the showroom where there is a complete range of specialised bikes to fit the needs of all our customers such as scooter bikes, wheelchair bikes, tandem bikes, double rider bikes and low step through bikes. This includes our most popular sellers the Velo Plus Wheelchair Transporter, the Fun2Go Side By Side Tandem Bike and the O'Pair Wheelchair bike. Each cycle is also available with power assistance.


We were also given a private tour around the factory. After the frames have been welded Van Raams Bikes are sprayed and assembled by hand in an efficient and conscientious manner. Van Raam offer a full range of bikes to support and assist the user scaling from: Physical, neurological or learning disabilities, autism, epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Behavioural, visual or mental impairments and all the permutations in between or people who want more stability and secureness whilst cycling.


For the last 30 years Van Raam have been producing special needs bicycles from Varsseveld, a town in ‘de Achterhoek’.


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