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Ashfield Special Needs are working closely with our new Scottish Agents Wheels Cycling Centre, here's an introduction from their head Mark Shimidzu:


''Wheels Cycle Centre was established over 25 years ago and has grown to become one of the largest cycle hire companies in the UK. It actively promotes and supports cycling activities in The Trossachs, Scotland and beyond. Whether you are cycling locally, touring or travelling long-distance, Wheels provides extra support such as maps, guides, spares, repairs and bike maintenance.


Our bike shop stocks a wide range of bikes that should suit almost any potential purchaser. And all this is backed up by our expert cycling knowledge.


We have provided adapted cycles for many customers over the last 17 years, but have always been limited by what products were available to us. Our recent collaboration with Ashfield Special Needs has been a revelation. They introduced us to the fantastic range of high quality products from Van Raam and we were blown away!


With their help we have now been able to assist a new all abilities cycling project called Blazing Saddles to realise their dreams. Their aim is to set up several hubs throughout Scotland, where people of all abilities can discover the joy of cycling.


Wheels Cycling Centre in Callander will be one of the main hubs and will be able to offer customers short breaks with the emphasis on outdoor activities. Cycling will be central to this and will feature a wide range of Van Raam equipment to enable people of all abilities to enjoy this healthy, fun pursuit.


Blazing Saddles has huge support from local and national organisations as well as Scottish Government and are looking forward to rolling out their centres across Scotland where everybody can enjoy the Van Raam experience.''


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Wheels Cycling Centre:


Video: Jamie Hepburn the Scottish Minister of Sport announcing the last of the Legacy funding grants following on from the Commonwealth Games. Including a cameo from Wheels Cycling Centre and some of our bikes!

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